Monday, March 1, 2010

Our sons stood in the streets...

Today was March 1. And, I have to admit, I was somewhat finger-tied on what to write. Not that I have nothing to say on the matter, but rather, too much to say.
But what do I have to say, that has not already been said, that is not so obvious and clear?
But as I listened to RFE/RL (21:00 broadcast), I heard the statement of the mother of one of the victims of March 1, here it is in English:

Our sons stood outside with you in the streets, to stand for and support their votes… to establish a lawful and free country…
I am convinced that what we wanted would have come to fruition, if this guilty government, in order to save its position and wealth, without any conscience or sense of responsibility, had not opened fire on our children in the center of the city, if they had not spilled their blood… No one gave these unlawful authorities the right to fire upon our children.
We will struggle, until the last murderer and those from above who gave the orders, those from the lowest to the highest levels, stand before justice….
The March 1 page HAS not closed, it WILL not be closed…

An online chat I had with a friend while listening to the radio reminded of certain truths, truths that are important to all who claim to want international human rights, freedoms, and justice, whether they be the oligarchs of the Republic of Armenia, PACE, western governments, or other entities:

-The events of March 1 were not just an unfortunate occurrence of accidental police/army power

-The pro-SS/RK forces silenced and beat voices in their opposition prior to the election

-The pro-SS/RK forces planned and carried out mass falsification of the February 2008 Presidential Elections in Armenia

-Days in advance, the SS/RK government issued an order to attack peaceful protesters: an attack which resulted in the physical beating, harassment, imprisonment, and deadly shooting, of peaceful protesters

-Immediately after the elections, the international community blatantly denied the injustices which they knew had occurred

-To this day, the international community not only has not come out strongly against the elections and violence of the presidential elections, with PACE only recently having recognized the events as a probable ("bears the characteristics of a") Coup d'Etat, but the western community uses said events as leverage against the Armenian government, compromised in its illegitimacy, to negotiate and pressure the Armenian government in other, nationally critical international affairs.

-And among the most important, the Republic of Armenia continues to this day to:
- intimidate and beat its own citizens, including youth, and to oppress their
civil and human rights
- hold political prisoners
- silence opposition media
- produce illegal obstacles, both physical and other, to the existence and growth
of a healthy opposition

The government of Armenia has failed to investigate the events of March 1, the violence and murders of that time, and has tried only to hide the truth of these events, and pass these events into a forgotten history of the Armenian people.

These are undeniable truths.

March 1 will not be forgotten.

The March 1 page is NOT closed.

[Picture is a still from the a1plus video from March 1 2010 march)

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Anonymous said...

At the meeting, many were talking and exchanging thoughts. They want this government to resign. They said they are tired of how Muk,Lufik Samo and others of the same genres are in power. They said the only way out is a revolution.
Aziz 55.5