Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Knee strike to Martirosyan, Assault it is...

I have my differences with Raffi’s policies and positions, strategies and approaches, behaviors and actions, and well, much of what he says and does.  Not just differences, but significant concerns.  But, as I’ve said and written before, perhaps if he can pull off something, it’ll be a step…

But that’s not what this is about.  In general, from what Ive seen and heard, my impression is that the police have undergone significant training in staying calm, cool and collected, since 2008/2009.  And for the mostpart, they seem to do quite well.   Situations in which, 4 or so years ago, the police would have had no clear hesitation in beating the crap out of a citizen, now are handled more gingerly.   For the mostpart.

But watch from 20-35 seconds in this video.

But this is a red beret, and this is not acting gingerly. In fact, what this red beret is doing is called, in martial arts, a ‘knee strike.’  Not surprising that a red beret has had training in martial arts. But you’d think then he’d know how to do a non-aggressive restraint maneuver.  It really seems... that he chose to knee Martirosyan multiple times in the face and head. Just an impression.

That’s right. The red beret here grabs MP Armen Martirosyan by the head and neck, brings his head down, and repeatedly thrusts his knee in Maritrosyan’s face.  He even gets one in while Martirosyan is bouncing  off of a metal post he was thrown up against.

Before the knee strike, Martirosyan had no blood on his face and nose. After the knee strike, he does.  The pictures show the culprit….  My guess is the guys who runs up to Martirosyan as he is being taken away afterwards is the same guy (0:55 to 1:04) … whoever it is, that red beret, he just goes after Martirosyan with a vengeance, trying to throw him around, with no provocation whatsoever….

…I wanted to make a smartass quip about the red berets needing some training, too.  But it goes so far beyond that…

This, my friends, is a straight up assault
And that’s the least of the problems here.

I realize this is a scattered post. My thoughts on this, while (I believe) rational, are so hard to put into linear writing... in fact, that's what stops me time and again from posting.