Friday, January 20, 2012

Armenia without Armenians

I am continually impressed by the environmentalist actions and struggle which I catch glimpses of in the news. But, who am I to be impressed? Rather, it gives me joy and hope to see a group of individuals so dedicated to such an important cause. While a friend of mine finds these videos depressing, because she feels there is no recourse or hope to be had, because changes must occur on a higher lever, and while I agree to some extent, I find that the manner in which these youth conduct themselves is inspiring, to say the least. I could go on, but I think its unnecessary.

What I do find important to say is that the struggle for Teghut, or Qajaran, or any of the numerous beautiful regions of Armenia being threatened by mining is not just an environmental one, which is in and of itself exceedingly important (the impending environmental disasters are enormous, as well as there sequelae), but one for all of Armenia, as a nation. I can't put it any better than Mariam Sukhudyan herself - watch the whole video, but especially 10:03-10:11

"...Ոնց որ հայաթափության ծրագիր ա իրականացվում։ Ամեն ինչ արվում ա որ Հայաստանը առանց հայերի՝ այդ նախագիծն իրականացվի..."

Roughly Translated: As though a plan to empty Armenia of Armenians [Hayataputyun] is being realized. Everything is being done so that an Armenia without Armenians, that plan, is realized...

Addendum: There is much more to be said on this issue of հայաթափության (Hayataputyun) - more to come soon.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Publish more, please

A video worth watching, but as always, I have a favorite part:

Start at 21:03:

"There’s something that happens… to me as an editor it happens often... The police, themselves, call me, and say “hurry up and publish that piece of news. If you publish that, then they will no longer be able to force [pressure] me to cover it up.”

So there are people who are forcing the police to cover things up. Whether its Marzpets, or I don’t know who they are, authorities or something … who are those people?"