Thursday, June 3, 2010

Alik Sargsyan: drop the charges, resign, and go - and take your little gang with you

These are pictures of Sargis Gevorgyan, Ani Gevorgyan, and Davit Kiramijyan. These three were arrested on May 31 after being present during a peaceful protest in Liberty Square (well, at least it started out that way until the police got involved, as usual). Ani Gevorgyan, in fact, is a photojournalist, and her presence in that regard is protected by numerous international human rights laws. Not to mention that the rights of Sargis Gevorgyan and Davit Kiramijyan, and any other citizens, to be present peacefully in Liberty Square is protected by law. Of course, laws, human rights, and logic don't mean much these days under the present regime.

For those not familiar with the system, this is how it works in Armenia. If you piss off a policeman (or policewoman, for that matter), you can be taken in for questioning to the police station - questioning regarding your identity, address, and apparently other basic such information. By the end of three hours, you need to either be released, or charged and arrested. If they charge/arrest you, they can keep you up to 72 hours. By the end of 72 hours, a court decides whether you will stay in detention until your trial (pre-trial detention), be released with travel restrictions and bail, or have all the charges dropped. The pre-trial detention can supposedly be for up to two months, but can be postponed an unlimited number of times, from what I understand.

So, while I am very happy that Ani and Sargis Gevorgyan have been released, the following is true:

1. None of them should have been taken in, arrested or detained, at all;
2. ALL three still have charges against them, and will have to go to court;
3. Davit Kiramijyan is STILL in pre-trial detention

As far as I am concerned, the charges against these individuals, and their detentions, are not only unjust, but completely illegal, as is the persistent violent and aggressive behavior of the RA police against the citizens of Armenia, and the continued attempts at keeping opposition members out of Liberty Square.

And it seems that numerous international and national organizations feel the same way, as several statements have been released which express the same fundamental sentiment.

Kiramijyan needs to be released - but that is only the tip of the iceberg. The charges need to be dropped. Alik Sargsyan(for yet one more reason) needs to resign.

Alik, just go, and take the rest of this banditocracy with you, and don't forget your red berets, your plainclothesed minions, and your snipers. But, maybe, actually, leave Bazaz, because I think maybe he just needs a hug, or a lollipop, or maybe Unzipped has figured something out.

[permission obtained for photo]


Anonymous said...

The Armenians in the Diaspora stood united and expressed their opposition for the Armenia - Turkey border opening, etc...
what I don't understand is that the same Armenians in the Diaspora are so silent in matters of suppression of basic human rights...Am I missing something here?
Aziz 55.5

Vrej said...


You ARE missing something (intentionally or unintentionally). Armenians of Diaspora understand too well that Levon's Witnesses' hooliganism has nothing to do with human rights. Arresting a levonakan is tantamount to arresting a criminal today , for the average Diaspora Armenian. Why? Because of the coup d'etat organized on March 1. Why? Because the only goal of these provocations is to grab power and repeat the white genocide that happened at the hands of HHSh in 1991-1998, only a thousand times worse.
Armenians of Diaspora are too intelligent to fall in the trap again. No to traitors, no to hooligans .

Anonymous said...

Vrej jan,
Are you speaking on behalf of ALL the Armenians in the Diaspora?
Do you have the right to do that?
Regardless of who is who in this situation, NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO USE POLICE BURTALITY. NO ONE.
Aziz 55.5

Vrej said...

You asked a question I answered. Fact is majority of the diaspora does not care what happens to a levonakan, because they have unmasked themselves as hooligans. They DO CARE about the Armenia Fund, they DO CARE about human rights, they DO CARE about seeing Armenia prosperous. But minus the levonakans. Your game is finished.

ANY STATE in the world reserves the right to defend itself from hooligans even using the most brutal ways if needed. ANY STATE. You organize a riot in the U.S.? you're risking injury or death. You disobey the orders of police in the U.S. or Western Europe or Canada? You risk jail time or at worse, injury or death.

Enough of the attempts to create anarchy in Armenia. This has NOTHING to do with human rights. You play with fire, you get burned by fire. Totally justified. And no one will care. You will never be able to repeat March 1 again.

Hasmik said...

Vrej, you are so full of hatred and therefore so unreasonable. And, as such, also such an active provocateur and demagogue. I hope you are valued by your bigger ignorant and wicked gurus.

As always, the forces of darkness hate all good things such as victories, democracy, justice, freedoms, progress and well-being of people, and admire serjiks, sashiks, robiks, sittings on dead animals, killings… No doubt that you love when “pro-life” idiots kill doctors, ignore science and realities, etc. I wonder, what have you done so terrible in your life that now you need to justify all bad things to save your face? Or was it done to you in your childhood and now you need to “vrej” lutsel (hence your name) from the world? Have seen a therapist?

Haroot Kevork said...


Diaspora does care. But it has no representative body to express the majority’s opinion. The organizations have their own agendas and interests and so they need the Genocide not to be recognized and Armenia not to prosper so that they can continue their businesses in lobbying for humanitarian aid and Genocide recognition and get salaries for these activities. I could have said the above in a prettier and more diplomatic way but the truth does not change from it.