Friday, July 2, 2010

Davit Kiramijyan has been set free

Kiramijyan has been released!

But why?
Is it because of the upcoming visit by Hilary Clinton?
Is it because the OSCE Co-Chairs are coming?
Is it because of national and international pressure - likely in part due to including the recent letter by the HAK youth to the OSCE, the weekly protests by youth in support of Davit, and other such public and surely more behind the scenes actions?
Is it because the banditocracy does not want to give the opposition, especially the extremely visible and convincing youth, a reason to be out protesting in the streets while there are international visitors?
(Remember what happened when FIDH was in town)

Probably some combination of the above. But the fact that he was released at all, and so abruptly at that, goes to show a couple of things:

First, the regime knows what its doing its wrong.
Not only that, they know what to do to make it look not so wrong, so that can get what they want in other spheres.
And, voices matter. Every voice, every letter, every protester, every citizen - every one of these matters - and the more voices, the better...

Which is really just another way of saying...

+1 +1 +1 +1 +1...

It does leave me with a couple of other questions, though, like -
Who do we have to bring to Armenia to have Pashinyan and the other political prisoners, let out of prison?

And... Since I can't help asking - Is there anyone we could bring that could get certain culpable oligarchs and banditocrats (read Sargsyan, Kocharyan, and the rest of their gang) INTO jail?

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