Monday, August 9, 2010

Letter Regarding Karo Ayvazyan

This video is an interview with Karo Ayvazyan's mother, available only in Armenia.(link to video)

Almost one week ago, I received an email from a friend of Karo Ayvazyan, the Armenian conscript who supposedly shot five members of the army, and then shot himself. As the story has unfolded, what is the most common version is that a friend of his had fallen asleep in the trenches, and was found by two higher ranking officers, who then began to verbally assault him. Karo then allegedly shot those two, two others who came running at the noise, his friend, and himself.
Now, the story raises a lot of questions without even the next part, which is that Karo apparently had been in the US before. He has been arrested multiple times, on charges related to narcotics and guns. And therefore,by Armenian law, due to his repeat violations, he should have been exempt from his otherwise required military service. The family claims that despite their efforts to bring his prior record to the attention of military officials, they were ignored.
Which brings us back to this letter. I cannot attest to or verify the author of it, its authenticity, or truth in its content. If only just one tenth of it is true, it raises a lot of questions. I am making it available in full here,and in parts below (though many important parts I did not reproduce below):

I knew Karo Ayvazyan personally since last summer. He was not the type to commit suicide. He was a fearless brave daring guy who was convicted in America for beating up cops...
...Karo was very mild-mannered and he was respectful of other people but he also would not tolerate anyone trampling on his dignity or the dignity of the people he cared about. He gave you respect and expected the same from you, but if you phucked with him then you were dead meat. He was a loyal faithful friend and very interesting and in spite of his young age he got along best with older people and hung out with older people. In Armenia he resolved to be free of cocaine and all drugs and to stay clean and do only honest work and business. You never would have gotten the impression that that he had any mental or psychological problem, but on the contrary that he was very mature for his age...
...Although it is being said in the press that he should never have been given a gun, I believe he was the kind of character that could indeed be trusted with a gun. If indeed Karo shot the people he is accused of shooting, then in my opinion they damn well deserved to get shot and I commend Karo for shooting them! ...
...I am very curious to know, however who shot Antranik Sargsyan. I would like to see balistics tests performed on all the bullets recovered from his body and from the other bodies and from Karo's body. The notion that Karo shot himself with his own gun is not only absurd because of the fact that Karo was a fighter for life and survival and not a coward of any sort who would be afraid of being prosecuted or even tortured, but also because if he had wanted to commit suicide he could not have done it with the PK machine gun he was issued as it was too long and also because he was out of ammo (as was reported that his magazines were empty) and that he could have committed suicide simply by standing up out of the trenches/bunkers so that the Turks would have a clear shot at him (and they would indeed have fired).

I also want to know who witnessed these events start to finish! Who reported that the officers found one of the soldiers (Antranik Sargsyan) sleeping??? Who reported that the officers berated him???/ Who reported that Karo Ayvazyan began to shoot them for that reason???? If all the witnesses to the event were shot dead, then how could they have reported the history of the incident???!!!!

Karo was a good man and he died a hero and martyr for justice. He will be missed greatly.

Karo Ayvazyan, my good friend, RIP.

Antranik Miranjian
Yerevan, Armenia

No further comment from me at this point. Ponder for yourselves.

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harutyun said...

Don't worry: if needed, they will find witnesses too, even if it comes out that the witnesses were overseas on that day, they still will testify and theirs will be the only testimony regarded trustworthy.