Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Beyond Absurdity...

UPDATE: Lragir has published an article outlining several more inconsistencies from the forensic exam.

This is just absurd.

In addition to the numerous signs of violence on his body, the autopsy findings on Artak Nazaryan reveal that there was a hole caused by a gunshot in his tongue.

This would mean that he place the muzzle of the rifle under or in front of his tongue, which seems counterintuitive for someone who is alone, committing suicide.

It does seem completely consistent with the theory that the muzzle was forcibly put in his mouth.

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Anonymous said...

As long as the present government is alive and is gnawing at the truth and striving on corruption, nothing will change and no one will say otherwise.
What is needed is "change"...in the form of a revolution not evolution.Enough is enough! What does the world think we are?