Thursday, November 11, 2010

We'll do 'em like Khalafyan...

The other day, during what would have been a peaceful protest if the police hadn't been involved, there was a significant scuffle between opposition youth and the police. Four youth were taken in to the police department, beaten by police, and released later in the day, and immediately showed up at the opposition rally that was going on. The photo on the left is taken with permission from the facebook group ԸՆԴԴԵՄ ՈՍՏԻԿԱՆԱԿԱՆ ԱՊՕՐԻՆՈՒԹՅՈՒՆՆԵՐԻ(AGAINST POLICE VIOLATIONS) - the caption explains that these are the faces of two of the policemen who were among the most active in beating the opposition youth at the police station.

The regime's consistent response to youth practicing their fundamental human rights is to beat them, shove them in a police car, and beat them some more. There's nothing new in this.

But I had not yet heard the following yet, nor did I see it reported anywhere in writing.

One of the RFE/RL broadcasts after the release of the four youths had a short clip with one of the very active youth, Vahagn Gevorgyan. You can start listening around 7:30 min, he starts recounting what happened to them after the arrest at around 8:15 min - here is a rough translation and transliteration:

"Just after they got us through the entrance to the division, until we got to the on-duty section, having thrown us to the ground, they took us through beating us and pushing and pulling us, they weren’t asking us to do anything, they were just beating us, they were hitting us on our heads, too...

They hit Sargis Gevorgyan on his head a couple of times, I saw how they were kicking [us]...

From getting kicked in the head he [Sargis] hit his head on the floor and after that he couldn’t get up, he was dizzy...

When we had fallen on the floor, one of the policeman said,

'that’s enough, they’ll die like this.' And the other [policeman] said,

'Good good, we’ll make it like Khalafyan’s situation'


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