Sunday, June 19, 2011

Trying to Reformulate History

Addendum: And here's Pashinyan's editorial on Oskanyan's interview from June 22: Նշաձողի վոյեւէ առերեւույթը

Oskanyan was the guest on Azatutyun's Տեսակետների խաչմերուկ this weekend. I was quite impressed at how well prepared he was. At how ready he was to answer such a wide variety of questions. At how hard he obviously had worked in preparing and presenting answers that, to naive eyes and ears, present a wonderfully coherent story of a man committed to a healthy and just Armenia. At how hard he's trying to keep his options open right now.

Gimme a break. It doesn't matter how hard you try to clean up your trail, realign the evidence, justify your actions. Its all still there. And no amount of trying to rewrite and reexplain history, no number of videos or Civilitas forums or interviews, is going to change the truth.

So I, for one, don't need to hear about how broken up you were and still are about March 1, or how you tried to get a dialogue going, or how you felt the political prisoners needed to be released. I don't remember any such voice of support for the political prisoners, or for any part of the struggle in general, and I was watching closely (Feb 9 2010 post, March 14, 2009, In fact, even in this interview you didn't dare call them political prisoners. They are refered to as բանտերում գտնվողները - those who are in prison.

But, I don't need to keep going on my own. Anna Hakobyan already wrote a brilliant piece in Haykakan Zhamanak on May 12, 2011. And here it is: First Part, Second Part.

Keep trying to wipe away the fingerprints and rearrange it all, my friend. The only person believing it is you.

[azatutyun article and video here]

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