Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pics, Videos and How Many People Fit in Azatutyan Hraparak

I've uploaded some new vides onto my Youtube account - from recent days in Yerevan. I'll upload more photos soon, some are up via my twitter account, predictably

The question of how many people were there came up, as usual. Here is a calculation I did in the past for a friend.  Liberty Square/Azatutyan Hraparak (AH) was not full by any means, and it was probably on average a medium packed audience.  Here it is:

 I used to estimate (by outlining) the square meters of AH. I did it three times to get the best estimate. I went horizontally out from the flat part of the cement stage, and through to the benches and walkways. These obviously will make a difference. I felt this was among the most accurate ways of doing the calculation.
The three meters square I got were: 6927, 6929, and 6994.
A professor in Berkley did the calculations on numbers of people in a protest based on how tightly packed they were, during the Vietnam War protests in the US (I used it in a post several years ago:

Loosely packed individuals: 1person/.93 meters squared
   based on that, with the three calculations for square meters/surface area above, the number of peopel who would fit in AH, loose packed are: 7448, 7450, 7520

Tightly Packed individuals: 1 person/.42 meters squared
    based on that, the number of people who fit are: 16492, 16497, 16652

Very Tightly Packed individuals = 1 person/.23 square meters
    based on that: 30117, 30126, 30408 people fit

So, with loosely to medium, we'd be calculating somewhere between 7,500 to 16,500 - IF the whole thing were packed, which it wasn't.  Maybe 60% full? So 4,500-9,900 - which I think is likely an overestimate from pictures and videos.  But at least its a more consistent approach.

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Where was Raffi on March1 and 2, 2008?
What is he really trying to do?
Why did he go to meet Serjik? behind closed doors?