Friday, March 1, 2013

Respectful movement and self-expression

I've got mixed feelings about this. Look at the expression on Parantsem Mayrik's face when he puts out  the fire she started - burning small pictures of Serge and Robert.
I understand he wants it to be a peaceful, respectful movement. I think there is great strength in that.
But isn't that her form of self-expression?
(stills from the video below)


Anonymous said...

I think it was disrespectful of Raffi to do that. Didn't he say that BAREVolution is for the people by the people of the people?

I guess, his fire is also being you know who!

I guess I will give Raffi a couple of more days...and then poof!

He is still talking to much...Why would he say it is better to go to class than not to...flipflopping?

If he is following the footsteps of MLK, his people were beaten, and he was imprisoned...I think Raffi should too.


Anonymous said...

Parantsem mayrik,
Tsavet are Mother Armenia!

Justice will prevail.. ...what goes around comes around!