Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sitting down, laying down... a new trend?

A little while ago, during the impromptu protest during discussion of Amnesty at the National Assembly, a number of protesters decided to sit. Last week women tried to block the departure of a van holding Sasun Mikaelyan by standing on front of, and I think in at least one case, by laying on the groung. And now at the yearly protest in support of Arman Babajanyan, in a valiant effort to not be moved, Vardges Gaspar lay on the ground, refusing to move.
It is very hard to move a sitting body. Though I suppose if the police use the technique they used against the supporters of Javakhk - where they locked shoulders and bulldozed the protesters - it doesn't matter if the bodies are in front of you or below your feet (video).
Note that while the main policeman there is reminiscent of Bazaz, it is in fact Valery Osipyan. I wonder if they trained together, or maybe Osipyan is a Bazaz protege?

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Anonymous said...

Osipyan is Bazaz'es deputy, and logically they use the same "techincs" :)