Thursday, June 11, 2009

Then and now...

To my pleasant surprise, I recently came across this pamphlet in my papers. I'd actually forgotten I had it. For those who do not know, it is a booklet (one in a series) by Vahagn Ghukasyan regarding the events of October 27, 1999. I'm pretty sure he now runs the Septemberi21 blog. Here is an old Hetq article about him.
I haven't finished reading through the pamphlet again, full of evidence and articles about that fateful day, and ending with excerpts of the letter from Vano S. to Vazgen S. But from the start I was struck by the preface, written by Levon Zurabyan. The pamphlet is from 2002, yet what he is describing is something which is relevant, if not moreso, today. Which served as yet another reminder, another proof, of some of the differences between the political parties in Armenia. In Zurabyan's writing then, and actions now, there is a consistency of certain principles. To stick by a theme for a Mayoral or Presidential race, not so hard. To stick by an idea through seven years of adversity, is commitment to principles.

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