Thursday, October 21, 2010

On Freedoms and Prisoners in Armenia

I saw this article and thought that there is, indeed, hope for the near future, that is, for the release of the political prisoners:
Armenian Opposition Leader Upbeat on Prisoner Release

If it is true, it is wonderful news for many families, for democracy, justice, and for Armenia.

But there are three political prisoners whom this banditocracy, this oligarchy cannot afford to release, because of who or what they are, and the freedoms that they represent. I think that if any two of these three were to be released, perhaps even just one, well, a lot might happen....
They are, in my opinion, A1plus TV, Liberty Square, and Nikol Pashinyan.
Read, Freedom of Press, Freedom of Assembly, and Freedom of Speech.

And my guess is that this regime will release, when they have to, all of the political prisoners except these last three...

And with the feigned ignorance of the Council of Europe/PACE, another two years could go by without any change or aid on the part of such institutions, with empty resolutions and more bargaining...

And then what will be of the next elections?

I ask not because I think the future of Armenia lay in the good deeds of those outside, but rather, because as we saw beginning in the Spring of 2008, it may in fact lay in their convenient, unconscionable and utterly destructive willful ignorance.

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