Monday, December 27, 2010

A pity for human rights in Bishkek - Good luck, Dollar Armen!

Gala TV is scheduled to lose its license in 2015, having "lost" its bid;

A1plus is illegally shut out of broadcasting in Armenia;

The Kocharyan family is going after and trying to sue, recently having come out of their case against Haykakan Zhamanak;

Pashinyan has been moved, is in solitary, and his letters and articles are illegally confiscated; access to his lawyers is illegally reduced and monitored;

Liberty Square is still off limits to opposition supporters;

The state of human rights, of the right to freedom of speech and the press are being increasingly squashed at an abysmal rate...

But I have to admit... thinking of Dollar Armen (Armen Harutyunan) in Bishkek still makes me smile...
"According to press reports, Armen Harutyunyan will be appointed special representative of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights for Central Asia and will soon leave for Bishkek" [a1plus]

Who one earth at the UN thought Harutyunyan would actually be a good candidate, that is, that he is actually interested in defending Human Rights? And what does it take to convince someone at the UN that one is so inclined?

Good luck in Bishkek, Armen! If you can, take some of your friends with you - Dodi Gago, Lfik Samo, Nemets Rubo, Chorni Gago, Kocharyan, Sargsyan, Alik Sargsyan, Bazaz... and the whole lot of them!

You take those guys to Bishkek, and we'll be that much closer to getting A1plus, Gala, Liberty Square, Pashinyan, Mikaelyan, the rest of the political prisoners, and even basic human rights and democracy back in Armenia. It'll be the best thing you've done for Armenia so far!

Oh yeah, let's not forget the ARF still claiming they have anything to do with Human rights, and are not only independent of but are opposition to the government of Armenia - there's another smile...

And now I'm ready for the new year ;)


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you, dear Tzitzernak. I like your style sooooooooooooo much.

Ani said...

You see, he does stuff :)) Agreement reached with Santa Claus about Christmas presents for our children, Armenian Ombudsman says