Wednesday, March 16, 2011

1 day left...

HAK leaflet for 17 March 2011 Meeting

Could Raffi Hovannisyan's hunger strike be a well-time spark ahead of the meeting?
Perhaps, I'm still thinking through it...

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Anonymous said...

The problem here in Armenia is that political forces and parties claiming to seek change have no real clue how to effect such developments.

HAK, Heritage and the rest need to take a page from the rich resistance legacy of the States.

Nothing will be accomplished by another HAK rally orchestrated by LTP and others on the podium who seem satisfied to talk “at” people than “to” people.

The people, in whose name these leaders are allegedly speaking, get nothing out of these ralies other than a brief but fleeting feeling of hope and accomplishment.

Starting today, the opposition should be busy organizing “rolling hunger strikes” in Freedom Square to lend moral support to Raffi Hovannisian.

Every quarter hour or so, an activist, willing to face probable arrest, should silently make their way into the square, sit on a bench, and rollout a small sheet of paper saying they are joining the “Freedom Fast” for a day in support of Raffi.

The demand, if any, should be the return of the Square to the people.

LTP and HAK got it all wrong when they revealed their 15 point ultimatium at the last meeting on March 1.

They have to challenge the regime on every front, however small or inconsequential it may seem.

I just question whether they possess such democratic concepts or are engaged in big picture politics and power struggles.