Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Many Hats of Bazaz

I got very excited the other day when someone incorrectly informed me that among the demands presented at the March 1 demonstration was the resignation of Yerevan's Deputy Chief of Police Robert Melkonyan, also known as Bazaz. Suffice it to say that I found this extraordinary news, and was sad to confirm it wasn't true.

Here he is, the first time I've ever seen him actually have a discussion, defending the actions of the police at the most recent altercations with some of the Heritage Party MPs. I gotta say, he surprised me in this video. With all the pacing and yelling and pushing and screaming he does at what are often otherwise peaceful gatherings, and all the pacing back and forth that he does, he sure does do a good job of playing the other side with his calm, patient, even-toned and polite rationalizations and explanations.

I guess he wears many hats, both literally and figuratively. In fact, I almost didn't recognize him in the video above without a hat.

Oh Bazaz, I hope you and your police department, but especially you, get the recognition you have earned so well, and deserve.


Ani said...

Yes, we agree - Bazaz is spectacular! So spectacular, I dedicated a song just to him--had thought to enter it in the Police Song Contest - - but something tells me it would not win...

"Bazaz Has Pizzazz!!!" -- Official song of the Armenian Police

Bazaz has pizzazz
He's the man with
the razz-a-ma-tazz-a-ma-tazz

Thick of neck
Full of heck
Talkin' dreck
'Cause that's all that he knows.

So if you say
"Serjik, Go away!"
Then you will pay in a grievous way

Who needs a private zoo
With so many public goons on view?

And that's why Bazaz has pizzazz!!!

(c) Ani Wandaryan aka @GoldenTent

Anonymous said...

Perfect song, Ani!