Sunday, April 17, 2011

RealPolitik corners Samvel Nikoyan

Samvel Nikolyan is the vice president of the National Assembly, and was the Chairman of the parliamentary ad-hoc committee on the March 1-2 events- the committee that so conveniently stalled and eventually dissolved completely, producing no results and no answers. For a man who was chairing the committee, I don't remember him putting up any fuss when the committee dissolved, and that's putting it lightly.

Recently he went onto's RealPolitik show. Arman Babajanyan does an incredible job of asking the most simple-seeming but critical questions, in an open, calm and unassuming way, and he is quite persistent.... And Samvel Nikoyan talks himself into a corner, again and again.

ADDENDUM: Here is the article about and video of the related RealPolitik with Andranik Kocharyan

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