Saturday, September 26, 2009

SS has to go...along with his own Schutzstaffel

I am very concerned about this guy, for a number of reasons. From his uniform, I think he's a Yerevan police officer. But he acts more like an SS office from Nazi Germany - not surprising given he works for SS. So that's concern number one - that this kind of behavior (see below) is tolerated and it seems rewarded in the present Banditocracy. Which dovetails onto my second concern- this guy seems to be a real sadist, maybe just a sociopath. Why do I say that? Watch his expression in the video, or the stills below, while he punches, then knees one of the youth - it doesnt change, he doesn't blink - and he does it so quickly you might miss it in the video. He shows no guilt, no remorse, no empathy, and no hesitation- no conscience. And maybe he even seems to enjoy it a bit.

So the yert was on 25 September - the videos have been posted elsewhere so I won't reproduce them. But, as mentioned above, this sadist, along with the rest of his colleagues, pushes and punches and kicks the youth involved. Here are the stills of the Red Berets harassing Vahagn Gevorgyan (recently released on Amnesty, politically active son of Haykakan Zhamanak editor Haik Gevorgyan), then Vahagn "encounter" with the sociopath-

Just in case the knee-ing isn't too visible, i've outlined the angles.

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