Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Some brief thoughts on news items...

The biggest news is about the development of agreements between Turkey and Armenia for progress forward. Nazaryan says it best in his post:
That's what you get when you try to come to an agreement from a position of weakness at the negotiating table.

He has a number of documents posted, here are a few more of interest:
The protocol for Turkey and Armenia,
Here is the official version (I found the link thanks to a new blog called pomegranate express)
Sargsyan's public clarification, and
HAK's statement on the issue in English

The Hunchak party as well as the ARF have issued statements about the issue. I couldn't find a Ramkavar official statement - this was the closest I could find.
This is interesting to me not because of an illusion of informed broad scale diasporan involvement in Armenia, but because only the Hunchak statement says anything about the acceptance/recognition of the principle of territorial integrity, which was included in the Turkey-Armenia protocol, and the implications of which have been of concern to a good number of people.

Actually dealing with fundamental, real-time issues (that might result in the loss of power) would be too much of a big step for the ARF, anyway - they're still reeling and dizzy from announcing out loud that they might start to consider to think that maybe Sargsyan should potentially resign if he signs the existing principles for the NK issue.

And why didn't police need shields at the ARF meeting:
a high-ranking policeman said: "What is the point in carrying shields if we know what Dashnaks are going to talk about?"

Right. How about because, as Arzumanyan has pointed out, they're not really opposition.

On another note, Sukiasyan presented himself to the authorities and is now imprisoned.


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