Saturday, January 9, 2010

Elections Today

The elections for the MP seat for District 10 are today - significant not just because its another election, but becuase Nikol Pashinyan, voice of opposition to the banditocracy even before March 1 2008 and before the presidential election of 2008, is now running for the seat from behind bars. As LTP and so many other have said since Pashinyan's decision to run, the authorities have handled Pashinyan's case, from the arrest warrant on him, to his arrest, imprisonment and candidacy, in a way that broke just about every democratic law and every human right possible.

We'll see what happens today.

I wish safety to the proxies, campaigners and media representative out there today.
I wish safety to any who dares to voice their opinion, including the voters, because we have learned what happens to them in today's Armenia.

HIMA is posting live videos from today at the HIMA website.

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