Monday, January 11, 2010

The house special at today's election is your classic intimidation with a side of beating...

Through fraud, beatings, and intimidation, again the authorities have managed to make it through another election. According to their count, Pashinyan came in second.

But I have to give it to them, it was slightly less violent than in the past. They're trying to use intimidation, seemingly to prevent violence (does that count as violence prevention?). RFE/RL published a video online that really is more like a cartoon.

The guy in the black coat, pacing back and forth, is a proxy for Ara Simonyan. He doesn't say too much. He does seem to greet every voter who comes in, maybe he thinks he's the Maitre D' - which is what I'm going to call him. I keep expecting Bugs Bunny to come out of nowhere and kiss him.

The guy in the yellow shirt I think is the chairman of that site. While the women working at the site have a mouthful to say about the Maitre D', the chairman somehow is oblivious to any problems that this man may be causing, eventually checks the Maitre D's ID and announces that the Maitre D' is in fact one of Simonyan's proxies, but does not read aloud the name, nor allow the camera to record the ID.

The Maitre D' seems to also know the local military guy who is in a room there. Not surprisingly, all three men seem to have similar proportions - i'll leave it at that.


nazarian said...

They look like mob soldiers from a Soprano episode or something. Where do they find these people?

Anonymous said...

These people must have some kind of genetic disorder. Were they mass produced in some lab somewhere?
Aziz 55.5

Anonymous said...

Nazarian, I think you give these cartoons too much credit. Mob soldiers from a Soprano episode? You seem to think they are competent in some way. I assure you, this ape with a pyramid shaped head can do not much more than pace that room in the very which way he does in the ask more of him is cruel and unusual punishment.

Anyway...take a good look. This is Serge Sarkisian's Armenia...or at least the model citizens he envisions.