Saturday, January 30, 2010

On Freedom of Expression, and yes, Bazaz!

This was a couple of days ago now, but it keeps coming back into my head, so I thought I'd post it.

This past Friday, opposition youth held a protest march. They peacefully walked through the streets, and laid flowers in recognition of the victims of March 1. Below are some pictures (a1plus, HZH).

Now, the police apparently didn't like this, which is no surprise. But, apparently something was different. Robert Melkonyan, known by the nickname Bazaz, known for, well, having no moral center or conscious and beating women and the elderly, seems to have lost it. He went to the HAK center and apparently was yelling and screaming so loudly and incoherently that all folks understood of what he said was that the protesting youth were causing a problem. He was asked either to calm down and speak intelligibly, or leave. Which, while sad, is absolutely hilarious.

It is not surprising that those who are questioning the authorities, who are demanding basic human rights, and freedom for political prisoners, are the ones laying flowers and marching. These are the voices calling for change. And they do so calmly, and coherently.

It is the minions of the regime, the perpetrators of violence who, when they need to, cannot express themselves except through unintelligible outbursts. Freedom of expression is a great thing - and when it is allowed, we see just how different the people and the regime, truly are.

And this just topped it for me- its aimed at Armenian journalists in Yerevan (thanks to Ditord from Haik newspaper)

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