Sunday, May 23, 2010

Armenia's Oligarchs - New Pokemon Characters, or, Agents of Insanity?

Haykakan Zhamanak (Armenian Times) recently had an article called "They tried to fabricate a criminal case against Levon Ter-Petrossian." The picture that went with it is the one I've posted here.

What is notable here, aside from the article itself, is the immediate reaction to the photograph itself. The armenian version of the article had the following as the first comment (which is echoed in a later one as well):

Հարգելի խմբագրություն.....սրա նկարը մի տպեք... ՄԵՂՔ ԵՆՔ։ Նորմալ մարդիք եք...սադիստությաուն մի արեք, այս ԱՆԱՍՈՒՆԻՆ քիչ տպագրեք, միայն սրա լկտի տեսքից մարդ հոգեկան խանգարում կստանա։

Which translates roughly into:
Dear editors... don't post this guy's picture... HAVE SOME PITY (ON US). You're normal people... don't be sadistic, print few [pictures] of this dumb brute, just the sight of his depraved look is enough to cause psychiatric problems

Blogger Svejk notes in the article comments and on his blog that the picture reminds him of some cartoon he can't quite remember, and later realizes that it reminds him of Pokemon characters. It does kind of look like this one, which I found on the web:

So, for anyone who was considering doing an informal survey of what people think of these guys... you've got a good place to start right here:

These guys may be shoo-ins for the next, newest, and bestest ever Pokemon characters, now from the Caucasus...

So powerfully crazy and crazily powerfuly that just a look drives you insane!


Vrej said...

Only a poor Levonakan mind can come up with such stupid hatred. Kocharian is a NATIONAL HERO for me and a big number of people especially in Diaspora and Artsakh principally for two reasons:

1. He was the leader of the Artsakh liberation. A true dynamic military man and LEADER in capital letters, who despite the coward LTP could win the liberation war.

2. He took swift action against foreign agents who tried do organize a coup d'etat for the first time in the history of Armenia and hence destroy the country.

For me a man who has defeated both the external AND the internal enemy is nothing short of a NATIONAL HERO.That's how history will remember President Kocharian.

nazarian said...

They do look like cartoon characters especially serjuk.

Anonymous said...

3. Let's not forget how he enjoys hunting not only in Africa but also in Azatutyan Hraparak.
National Hero indeed.
Aziz 55.5

tzitzernak2 said...

Vrej jan!

1)While I admire and agree with your admiration for those who fought for and were leaders in the NK war, I think your admiration is misguided. Look towards individuals like Sefilyan (oh, right, thrown in prison) and Sasun Mikaelyan (oh right, also thrown in jail), and others. And most importantly, the brave soldiers, the men (yes, and women) who fought in the war - these are the same people whom the RK-SS regime has and is still is swindling through the corrupt regime. It is these people, their families, that the RK-SS regime opened fire upon on March 1, their votes that they falsified, their rights that are being trampled...

2)If you want to take the age old fairy tale of "foreign agents organizing a coup d'etat," well, there's not much I can say about your delusion, except...
-take a look and see where RK's funds are invested, and where they come from
-even PACE declared that it was the RK-SS forces that were trying to pull off a coup d'etat

Vrej... take a good look at what you're calling a hero...

Vrej said...

tzitzernak thank you for your civilized yet prejudiced and misinformed answer.

Don't try to spread the HHSH ridiculous gossips like Kocharian has 5 billion dollars (the billions increase by the day for these HHSH clowns). FACTS FACTS FACTS that's what I want to see. Not rumours not gossip. Show me written documents or any other valid proof where his millions are invested, then we can talk.When you're at it please show the same for Putin, Medvedev, Nazarbayev, Saakashvili, Yanukovich and Aliyev. You are simply engaging in ridiculous yellow journalism and Gyulnaz Tat-i hekyat-ner.

Meanwhile everyone has the proof that Nikol Levon Alik ORGANIZED a coup d'etat on March 1. The videos are there. The phone converstations are there. The animalistic attacks on policemen and stores are there. Your "leader" sounds like a street thug in his conversation with Alik. EMBARASSING.

Again, don't tell me fairy tales about the videos and conversations being "montaj" etc.
There is ONE TRUTH about March 1. The blood of 2 policemen and 8 hooligans is overflowing on the hands of Levon Nikol Alik and the rest. Kocharian DEFENDED our country from thugs who wanted to destroy it, like any brave leader in any democratic country should and would do. He earns my respect for that. It was a BRAVE act on the part of President Kocharian.
If blood was spilled for the defence of Artsakh, blood should be spilled (as sad as it may sound) to protect Armenia from the internal enemy.

Anonymous said...

dont want to disappoint you but history will remember RK as a scambag who shot his own people. If he was someone during the war, he is nothing now. He is finished.

Anonymous said...

Vrej Jan,
You are stating that Tzitzernak has a prejudiced view of the whole situation.
After reading both of your comments, I can say the same for you, no?
Aziz 55.5

Vrej said...


Since September 2007 I followed the processes in Armenia mainly through A1plus,, Haykakan Zhamanak. So more than being objective I was actually reading only HHSh press outlets. And my conclusion after being only informed by the HHSh press:

Levon's Witnesses are the biggest liars , traitors and enemies of Armenia.

Levon Ter Petrosyan was always a menace to Armenia and the Karabakh war was won DESPITE him and HHSh.

Serge Sarkisyan with all his faults is an angel to the wolves waiting to destroy Armenia.

The main reason I support Kocharian and Sarkisyan is because they are not afraid to neutralize and HAVE neutralized the internal enemy, which was always Amenians' main enemy throughout our history.

Prejudiced? Not at all. Just differentiating good from evil.

Anonymous said...

Why is Robert Kocharyan a hero and Levon Ter Bedrosian not? Both have their "heroic" history in Karabagh, while at the same time, we ALL know that the mafia was very active during the war years.

So the question remains, who was on what side?

Follow the money.

Last time I checked, The Republic of Armenia sold all of its most prized national assets (nationalized industries) to Russia, ESPECIALLY since kocharyan/sarkisyan came to power.

Power corrupts, and all "leaders" (even in the diaspora and even in a war) can and will be selfish, but who we support should be based on the principle of truth and justice for the weakest/poorest among us.

I believe Russia gave the Karabagh mafia "an offer it couldn't refuse" (just as it did one of the Chechen clans, who now controls Chechnya).

Instead of demonizing this or that person, we should assert what we as a people want. This puts all participants on notice on how to appease the masses, and focuses our attention on what matters the most...the poor, weak, and hard working in we can not only stop the hemmorage of population, but make it an environment where people from Russia and the US will actually want to move to.