Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cosmonauts wear pink

I was about to comment on today's Dodi Gago Cosmonaut article in HZH - it seems others made the connection as well...
Someone please tell why and how on earth (no pun intended) an oligarchic party leader who is part of the ruling coalition of what is basically a police state got a medal named for a cosmonaut, and that for:

"making large personal contributions to help keep the reputation and fame of cosmonautics high in CIS countries"

The best part in the article is:

"According to some unspecified information, Gagik Tsarukyan is building a spacecraft in the basement of his palace in Arinj which he will present to “NASA” (USA) for free, and thus will be the first man to go to Mars. Quite seriously."

As GoldenTent noted on Twitter, "Now we know where he buys shirts!"

And as Nazarian pointed out in the comment in the prior post:
"It's the distinctive color pattern of the outfits that the Armenian cosmonauts wear.
Հայ կոսմոնավտները վարդագույն են հագնում:"

Hey, maybe he didn't want to be a Human Rights lawyer when he was younger. Maybe he wanted to be a cosmonaut, and still does!

Really... what is going on here???


Ani said...

Really, I see a resemblance, don't you? ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh Lord...there goes Mars!
Aziz 55.5