Monday, January 10, 2011

Certain Things are Self-Evident: On Waiting and Memories...

On Waiting:
My condolences to the family of Taron Yengibaryan, who passed on Jan 10 after over a week of unconsciousness and a broken skull after jumping out of a second story window. The then-Colonel Karapetyan is reported to have shot at him and his friend (still hospitalized) as they tried to drive away, and in his office, thus causing them to fear for their lives and jump out the window. Karapetyan has been booted out of the Military, and is arrested and charged with hooliganism. I'm WAITING for a murder/manslaughter charge...

On Memories:
Pictures are worth a thousands words, they say. Certain pictures evoke memories and other pictures in my memory, and possibly in the collective memory of many. Here are a few which are in my 'special' collection. They fit together so well, don't they?

[Note: they are in particular order whatsoever. I did not take any of these, they are all accessible on the web - credit is due to those individuals and media sources which made them available]

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Ani said...

Indeed, a special collection that many of us will never forget, try as we might...If I may add something, here's a video, made newly precious by the recent events in Belarus: