Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Soldier, Don't Forget to Call Your Mother

"Soldier, don't forget to call your mother" taken on April 9, 2008. That day was the 40th and final day of the karasunk (40 days of mourning) of the victims of March 1. Coincidentally, it was also the day Serge Sargsyan was inaugurated president of Armenia. The rest of the photo, I think, speaks for itself.

March 1 has not been forgotten. It will never be forgotten. Many stories have been told, and many have to be told of what truly happened and what people saw and heard and felt during those incredible days.

This photo was recently published on Facebook by German Avakyan, a photographer from Armenia who took a number of incredible photos during those days, and takes incredible photos in general. I have republished here with his permission. For those interested, his website is hermanavakian.com

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