Friday, September 12, 2008

News on Ashot Manukyan...

I recently learned that Mr. Manukyan's defense attorney made a motion to disqualify the two prosecutors working on the case, in this most recent chapter of the ongoing trial just several days ago. That motion has been denied by the judge. Mr. Manukyan's case is now pending in the higher felony court that deals with the more serious felonies. The case has been adjourned to Sept. 17 - to hear from the police officer and witnesses.

There have been, and continue to be, appeals to Brian Ardouny and Aram Hamparian (of the two largest American-Armenian organizations) to lend a voice. And yet they continue to do nothing. Their influence should be used to demand the protection and advancement of the lives of Armenians today. Instead, there is silence while people like Ashot Manukyan (who incredibly continue to fight despite no realistic reason to hope) are left to rot in prison.

Why is this? Maybe they care, maybe they don't. If they do, they sure have an odd way of showing it. Look through their websites: ANC, Armenian Assembly of America, do not have the current issues in Armenia, even topics related to the political prisoners, in any significant proportion (if at all) on their pages. Even Asbarez and Hairenik newspapers scantily cover, with very careful wording, the issues in Armenia.

Like I said, if these organizations really do have the well being of Armenia, and the people of Armenia as a priority, this is truly a novel way of showing it.

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