Monday, September 15, 2008

Next Rally is September 26...


There isn't much news yet about the protest yesterday, but here's what I've heard...
There were military personnel at every corner, as well as riot police and military patrol cars (and a few armored military vehicles located at that large intersecton just above Opera where Prospect and Bagramyan meet). One private estimate on the number at the rally was 20-25 thousand. RFE/RL also confirms the strong police presence, as well as the presence of water cannons.

On another note, apparently the issue of Armenia will be brought up at the Fall meeting of PACE, reports RFE/RL. Its not in the most recent draft agenda for the meeting, but the document was approved on Sept 10, and Hammarberg's briefing was on the 11th. We will see. Not that I have much faith remaining in these organizations.

If you do have a little faith left, and want to email the members of the Monitoring Committee of PACE - here is the link to the members of the Committee, most of the names have an email in the link.

Video from e-channel news

Video of LTP's speech 15.9.08
Video of Aram Sargsyan's Speech 15.9.08


nazarian said...

Why Tzitzernak2? What happened with Tzitzernak?

tzitzernak2 said...

Tzitzernak, the original, encountered some technical difficulties. I was forced to restart completely.
Tzitzernak2 is now the only one that is updated.