Thursday, October 23, 2008

An article on Aravot...

This is an excerpt from an article that was published in Aravot's October 19 issue, front page, which tells about an anonymous witness. They keep his name out for obvious reasons, the paper says. The anonymous source says that while people had built barricades to protect themselves, and real battles were being waged at the intersection of Paronyan and Mashtots streets against citizens, the army recruits were ordered to open fire on civilians.

[This part is a verbatim translation from the paper]
"The army recruits, who had refused to execute the order and had been fired at by their own commander, realized that the situation was becoming unpredictable and gradually left their positions; they escaped toward Hotel Metropol using the bridge adjacent to St. Sargis Church and entered the Zangu gorge by the side of Haghtanak Bridge hoping to find a safe place. Some of them were already wounded, but a few were able to reach the Kilikia district. Here the residents, seeing them and understanding what was happening in the center of the city, took some of the wounded into their houses and gave them safe haven.

The solders called their families, who came and took their sons home or to the hospital. Our source, who knows some of the individuals who protected the soldiers, assured us that are still many things related to March 1 which immediate eyewitnesses cannot yet divulge, for understandable reasons. Indeed there are many living eyewitnesses to the tragedy of “March 1” who witnessed the military operations undertaken on Mahstots Boulevard and Paronian and Leo streets, the actual firing on people; some day they will certainly talk and tell what they saw."

Aravot then continues to comment on the events of March 1.

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Anonymous said...

The soldier who was killed by an execution style gunshot on the back of his head was one of the first soldiers who disobeyed.
He was recovering somehow and was trying to say word to his mother a day before his death in hospital. He died right after an officer visited and exchanged few words with doctors. Was this the officer who shot him and wanted to make sure he didn't speak?