Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tippy Toeing Towards Independent Thought?

Former Foreign Minister Oskanian has made some interesting comments in a Press Conference. Very gentle, very cautious comments that maybe, maybe, he's not fully in line with everything this present government is doing, of course it could be just a show.
There wasn't too much information available about the conditions of his resignation, or if they were in any way peculiar or eyebrow raising, which they very well may not have been. In his farewell speech on April 11, 2008, made the following statement:

The weeks after March 1 were the most difficult of my entire career. On the one hand, I am part of an admininstration which, at the end of the day, is responsible for what happens in this country. On the other hand, from the beginning of their campaign, I disagreed, publicly and privately, with the tactics, methods and goals of the opposition.

Not surprising, given that he played a key role in the firing of numerous Armenian Diplomats who had publicly stated that they believed the February elections to be fraudulent.

Now, in this press conference, he is expressing his opinion that amnesty be given to the political prisoners. I didn't realize he thought there were political prisoners in Armenia.

[UPDATE - as was pointed out in the comment, he doesn't call them political prisoners, just prisoners. Of course not. Yet another way of working around the issue without actually addressing any of the fundamental problems. Maybe deep, deep down he really thinks they are guilty of crimes against the government, against the republic of Armenia, and its just for the safety (?) or stability (?) or image (?) of Armenia that he thinks they should get amnesty (this term is a whole separate issue). Not so unlike the ARF's difficult positionin February and since, no?]

He also talked about the recent attitude change towards relations with Turkey. He said alot, and very little at the same time. Which may mean he's a good diplomat, but doesn't mean he necessarily said anything... or maybe he said everything there was to say.

His new foundation, Civilitas, was inaugurated yesterday. Who funds this Foundation?

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Anonymous said...

Tzitzernak, VO did not say political prisoners...he said they were prisoners, and would not call them prisoners. and you should know that the windows of his civilitas open directly on north avenue