Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Aram and Anna, Part 5

Anna: We went to Gum…

Aram: Crossing the perimeter, they were letting, in the same barricades, they were letting people out, but no other cars were allowed in… they let us out of the secondary perimeter, we did shopping at the market, some at that market had heard about it, some hadn't, word of mouth was just getting out.

Anna: But you could see everyone was talking.

Aram: It was new news… some people had no reaction, some people had reactions, calling them [the government] bastards. We did our shopping... it was around 10:30, and we came back to Tumanyan, to our friend's house. We turned around on Grigor Lusavorich, as soon as we turned around, right in front of the zoo entrance, by 10:30, we saw the barricaded street, with the bus at a 90 degree angle, or a trolley- they physically, hundreds of people, they were moving, it, it was unreal…

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