Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sink that boat...

In the January 21 issue of Haykakan Zhamanak the front page article carries a picture of three prominent oligarchs in Armenia: Nemetz Rubo, Alyur Lyovik and Lfik Samo. According to HZH, according to information coming from the presidential office, these and other oligarchs have been pretty active again recently. They have been frequently visiting Serge Sargsyan, convincing him not to release the political prisoners. They have reassured Serge Sargsyan that the pressures from the Europeans are not important, that they [the oligarchs] are who are important for Serge, and that they are standing firmly behind him. The article continues to say that the oligarchs are worried that Serge Sargsyan, under pressure, might suddenly change his mind. But Serge Sargsyan has long been in the same boat as the oligarchs, which will sink even faster if the political prisoners are set free. So, Serge doesn’t need their advice.

Interesting that these oligarchs are worried. That they think Serge might give in, or change his mind. I would love to know what exchanges they've had. To see how these three oligarchs "convince" SS. Don't get me wrong - I’m not surprised that they’re pressuring him, they’ve been doing it all along. It does make me wonder just how deep that schism is nowadays.


nazarian said...

I wonder if they get their sense of fashion by watching The Sopranos. The most fitting character for a Sopranos role would have been Dod. He matches his outfits very nicely with the coordinated ties and his pin-striped suits.

Anonymous said...

i hope they all die including ss
die you evil waking cancers of Hayastan please die already