Friday, January 16, 2009

Trial postponed again, and again...

The Trial of the Seven was postponed on the 13th to the 16th, and it was postponed again today. From what I understand, the judge walked in, the seven stayed seated, he postponed the trial until the 30th, and, well, that was that, at least inside the courtroom.
Outside, it was a different story. The number of red berets has risen, from what I hear. And there was more than just a scuffle. There was a lot of pushing and shoving, to say the least. Both a1plus and rfe/rl have put up some video, and articles.
And that's just one day after Colombier and Prescott left. A day earlier than originally planned, I hear.

RFE/RL: Police Break up Opposition Protest
A1plus: Is Judge Waiting for PACE Decision

RFE/RL video


Aziz 55.5 said...

Hmmm, Right after reading this article and watching the video, I had the urge to log onto the H1 armenian tv news. And I was not surprised when the news anchor only said that the trial had been postponed. There was no mention of what had happened between the peaceful protestors and the police.
What a shame! They (the Serjangans) do know that their turn will is only a matter of time.

nazarian said...
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Anonymous said...

they were living it up in the lavish luxurious army quarters in yerevan living on gov't dime. you think those guys would fight for Hayastan? no they dont. so why even ask that question. and postponment of this trial is the simple clear way to keep these 7 in jail, there is no need for them to keep going back to court, its all for show. 90% of gov't is propoganda and show

Anonymous said...

someone save lady hakob!! pls help gagik jahangiryan!! they are the mother theresas of armenia!!!!!!

poor vano and levon, such innocent lambs! oh the horror the horror.

nazarian said...

I can't believe we fought for the country to end up in such a sorry state. All the red berets can do is abuse the women. Where were these ppl when we were fighting for the Armenian liberty and survival?