Thursday, July 9, 2009

Arzumanyan: "The page has not even been opened"

Video from a1plus, with good summary on RFE/RL

Here are some excerpts from the article (read in full here):

“During the past year and a half the authorities of Armenia have had only one issue on their foreign policy agenda – to avoid international sanctions,” Arzumanian said at a press conference on Thursday. “All other major issues have been discussed in this context.”

“There is a lot of talk that the government has made an attempt to close the March 1 page by declaring the so-called amnesty. The March 1 page, in fact, has not even been opened. A massacre took place and the efforts of the authorities in the past year and a half have been aimed at providing a cover-up and placing responsibility on certain people,” said Arzumanian, underlining that the decision to declare amnesty was the result of pressure from international structures rather than the authorities’ ‘goodwill’.

There are multiple topics he discusses which are not in the summary. One of them is the issue of the Youth. :

"We should be happy that there are youth who are taking steps for their political rights. What are they doing? They are organizing meetings and picketing. That is Richness, that is about the health of the country. And we today, cynically, with such cruel articles, with arrests, are trying to scare them. We are leaving, these authorities are leaving, we are too. It is this generation that is going to live on...[]... And Tigran Arakelyan is one more political prisoner...[]... Let them think, anyone who does these [things]... They are arresting bright youths like Tigran Arakelyan because he is struggling for his political rights. As a parent, I am ashamed. As an Armenian citizen, I am ashamed. And with very heavy words, I condemn this."


Anonymous said...

what a hypocritical joke. when these yahoos were in charge, they were happy to send everything to hell in a handbasket and now he talks like he is martin luther king.

how disingenuous.

it is no surprise that this collection of hasbeens cannot rally people around them.

Anonymous said...

Anon, they have already rallied people around them to fight the notorious clan.

M. said...

It's enough to repeat the lies hoping that everyone may soon believe them. With all the inevitable mistakes the first government of the independent Armenia may have, it still was the only ever democratically elected and democratic government in the history of the Armenian nation. Who, by the way, also won the war! If people stop talking nonsense just repeating the same absurdity all the time, and try to think a little, they will benefit themselves. It is not shame to be logical!!!

Anonymous said...

M, I assume you are referring to 1918 when our unified country stopped Turkish aggression.