Tuesday, July 28, 2009

There is no denialism here, and Nikoyan is an anatomist!

We're not just talking about one incident, one death, one killing. We are talking about the calculated, organized removal of those who stood in the way.
No, I'm not talking about Genocide. I'm talking about March 1.
And yet, despite what is obvious, that there was a decision made, from the top down, that violence was an acceptable means to remove peaceful protesters - despite this - all attempts are being made to minimize, deny, and distill down to minutiae.
Does the exact instruction manual for the Cheryomukha exist? Was it a Cheryomukha-4 or a Cheryomukha-7? Who knew the exact handling technique? When was the expiration date?
These are very important questions. They are one corner of the foundations upon which a true investigation is started. An investigation that was first delayed, then dragged on, then dissolved.
And by focusing on details, and details alone, they derail and distract even further. Once you blame the guy who pulled the trigger, then the murderer has been found, they can say. There was an error in the chain of command, there was an error in training, or this one individual or few individuals made mistakes. So sorry. And even then, those charged with pulling the trigger, if found guilty, could be amnestied. Some of the families of the victims know it, too - the true guilt is much higher up.
Nikoyan, (former) head of the fact finding commission that somehow magically dissolved, is helping with this perseveration on details. Follow this guy around and you'll end up right back where you started. But along the way, you'll learn some incredible things. He is apparently a specialist in anatomy. Just by looking at the video of the jaw found in the pool of blood on March 1-2, he knows that it can't be human, apparently because of the lack of muscle and soft tissue connections (see my original post). And since there's no one walking around Armenia without a lower jaw, and none of the victims are jaw-less (he claims), then obviously its not human.
But, not to worry, the Special Investigative Service is really really looking into the matter. They want to know what happened. And to that end, they've put out a request to the people to come forward with any information they have that may be helpful in regards to a video where police are seen using violence against people. And confidentiality is assured.
I'm sure their phones are ringing off the hook.


HH said...

This guy is obviously thinks that being a liar and a lowlife is a most legitimate thing. Look what he says: Քոչարյանը տնային կալանք չի նշանակել Լեւոն Տեր-Պետրոսյանի համար, նրա համար որեւէ մեկը տնային կալանք չի սահմանել: Տեր-Պետրոսյանը կարողացել է գալ, ուղղակի չի ուզել… says he after rhetorically asking Why LTP did not come to the Myansikian sculpture are on March 1st. Why doesn’t he ask Matthew Briza or others who eye-witnessed the process of his arrest?

Harutyun said...

This guy is probably walking and asking everyone around: “If you are looking for a whore, don’t look far away: I am the one!”