Sunday, July 5, 2009

It's a two for one deal!

UPDATE: Tigran Arakelyan has now declared a Hunger Strike.

SS and the rest of the banditocracy must be getting bored with the pace of things - a false testimony here, oppressing the media there... a beating here, an imprisonment there.
So, on the occasion of Constitution Day, they have imprisoned Tigran Arakelyan. If you remember, he was one of the youths passing out flyers on the 1st, about the demonstration to be held on the 2nd. The group was beaten, including pistol whipping, by a group of plainclothes police. Now, Tigran Arakelyan has been arrested on charges of hooliganism.
The whole thing is beyond ludicrous, I'm not sure pointing out all of the problems with this has any benefit.

But two things have been confirmed.

1) This regime can be creative in its formation and application of new ways of trying to destroy the country - having now both beaten and imprisoned the same person within 4 days for one action.

2) The regime has a different Constitution than what the rest of the country has - it must, since to perform such an illegal act on Constitution day really must mean they have a different Constitution.

Or maybe they didn't know it was Constitution day? Didn't anyone let them know???

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AF said...

If they dont know what freedom is how they can understand what's written in the constitution.
The constitution itself is illegal, it was boycotted by people. The whole thing is illegal. What else can you expect?