Monday, August 31, 2009

Would you rather be the guy in red, or in blue?

Say you're a foreign/international organization. Something like the PACE, or UN, or the government of the US or other country. And you're trying to get peace in the region (let's imagine this is their goal), and for a multitude of possible reasons, you overlook the way in which SS came to power.

And now you're pushing Armenia to come to terms with Turkey, with NK, with Azerbaijan. So you start negotiating, pressuring, making deals and writing agreements.

Now someone PLEASE explain to me WHY ON EARTH anyone in their right mind thinks that a government that can claim that this guy (red) can beat up this guy (blue) is truthworthy or can be held accountable AT ALL???

Forget the fact that they're dealing with an oppressive violent government. Forget the fact that the actions of said, unnamed, powers would be acting unethically - its just a bad decision, for their own interests...

Or maybe they just figure, if Sargsyan tries to get out of any agreements due to public pressure, he'll just do what he did before - just turn the army on the people again.

[Photo is taken from rfe/rl, accompanied by this article]

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