Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Battalion Leader named Muk?

Now, I don't know how much of this war talk is real, or a smokescreen - more stirring of the mud at the bottom of the pond, making it so murky that no one, not even the players themselves at times, can see what on earth is really going on.
But, it hit me the other day, if there was a war, we might end up with a Battalion leader name Muk!
Here's what I imagined. The last war was about 20 years ago - just about a generation. So it will be mainly the new generation, the young ones, who would fight this potential war. But who will lead them? Who will plan strategy, and motivate, and train? Hopefully someone with experience.
It seems the best people to do the job are exactly those who were going on hunger strike in 2008, getting thrown in prison, and getting denied citizenship: Sefilyan, Mikayelyan, Hakobyan, Ayvazyian, Gasparyan, Hatspanyan, Baghdasarian, to name a few, the list goes on.
I don't know if those who have been so ill-treated (a massive understatement) by this government, after having fought for Armenia, would fight again, in an unecessary war brought about through the incompetence of this illegitimate government. Maybe they would - I have no idea.
But who would be left? Guys who have names like, yes, Muk, and Dodi Gago.
So a young, inexperienced generation, knowing full well how this banditocracy treats its war veterans, would go into war, led by someone like Muk.
How motivating.
Great planning, SS.

Aah, I almost forgot. The cherry on top is the statement made by ARF leader Hovannisyan in response to recent statements on the Azerbaijan side regarding a possible war. Hovannisyan, apparently quoting King Leonidas, said "Come and get it." He's watched too much "300" I think. Maybe he should be quoting Theron instead, given the ARF's decisions thus far.

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One should write a sequel to the novel "Animal Farm". No?
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