Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The two planes of existence in Armenia

The video outtakes of the 2008 Presidential Campaign Ads for Serge Sargsyan by Albert Azaryan (Olympic Gymnast) and Hrant Tokhatyan (famous actor) have now become infamous - both of these characters made the mistake of saying what they really felt about the Sargsyan (whom they were endorsing), with the cameras rolling. Azaryan straight out swears at Serge Sargsyan, and Tokhatyan swears at the former Mayor of Yerevan, calling him what literally translates to "faggot" in English, but with possibly even more of a demeaning, vulgar, homophobic, and ignorant tone than it does in English.
Haykakan Zhamanak (08/12/09) points out that these outtakes were not included in the final aired campaign ads for Sargsyan - what was shown to the people of Armenia was a cut-and-pasted product, a montage, not at related to what these so-called endorsers thought or felt. HZH draws a parallel to what has happened and continues to happen in the political trials in Armenia: the prosecution puts together edited bits and pieces from the events of March 1, and uses the produced montage as supposed proof on which to base false guilty verdicts.
In effect, Armenia is living on two completely different planes, the piece argues, that having nothing to do with each other. One of the the real, non-montaged world, and the other, the Serjakan, montaged world.

A very potent analogy, I thought. Of course they wouldnt use the outtakes, thats why they're outtakes - they're not internally consistent, they're mistakes, they don't make sense in the larger scheme of things. Just like true democracy, and human rights don't fit into the grand scheme of things for this banditocracy - in fact, they're pesky ideas that get in the way of the banditocracy.

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