Monday, December 21, 2009

A nicely choreographed ballet between Hovhannesyan and Badeyan

There was apparently a "debate" between the ARF (represented by Hovhannesyan) and the ruling Republican Party (represented by Manvel Badeyan. Bits of it can be heard on the 19:00 radio broadcast on RFE/RL starting at about 24 minutes, and a short summary is on
The article caught my eye originally because of the title:Opposing Parliamentarians At Least Agree that ‘Hints of Coercion’ Appear in Armenian-Turkish Protocols, which, once I looked at the piece, made me laugh a bit. The ARF and the Republican party representing themselves yet again as opposed to each other. And, for what seems to be the first time, at least that I've seen (and even RFE/RL made a comment that it seemed to be a new stance) the Republican party was mentioning that there were some undesirable components to the Protocols. Here are some cut-and-pastes from the article, strung together:

“From the first day, I have said that the Protocols are not a sparkling product of a stroke of genius.”
yes, there are many things in the Protocols that don’t sit well with us and are simply “tied around our neck.”
“Time is against us.” “It’s not the Protocols that are dangerous. The danger comes from that, that two colleagues appear, one of which is powerful; the other, weak. We should’ve been stronger,”
Furthermore, the RPA member agreed with Hovhannesyan that “edges [hints] of coercion appear” in the Protocols.

the country’s leadership is not sincere. “If that is your initiative, and because of your entreprise, they thrust something or another upon you, withdraw from that entreprise
Hovhannesyan believes that a contradiction has come about. The country’s leadership knows, too, and is beginning to “open its eyes.”

This looks like a show to me - an act put on for naive eyes and ears. The ARF shouts about protocols, the Republican Party says yeah, they're not great, we were pressured. Hovhannisyan seems to say something I actually agree with, then credits the government with "opening its eyes" - a little bit of give and take. Then they both agree they're not great protocols. And they both say Armenia needs to be stronger. What Armenian doesn't think Armenia should be stronger? And among those who do support the protocols, are there any who think they are perfect or ideal? What have these two agreed to, that is so novel, or a step in any direction, and what did they compromise on? Nothing. Its a nice little choreographed ballet.

It has to be. Because it's their doing that the those "things in the protocol" that "dont sit well" are there. It's their doing that unnecessary compromises had to made, and that Armenia was put in a position with her neck sticking out, standing on a 3-legged chair.

Let me put it in terms that the certain "concerned" political parties might understand. It's as though members of Turkey's present government sit back and talk about what a shame it is that there are few Armenians left in Armenia, and how something has to be done about the poor state of Human Rights that minorities have in their country.

It's not En Garde, its En Pointe!

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