Friday, December 18, 2009

Colombier and Prescott Play Hooky

The PACE Monitoring committee, the one which has been addressing the issues in Armenia, was supposed to address the Report on March 1-2 events on December 17, 2009. That plan has been in place since December 1, at least, that is when the Draft Agenda for the meeting, found on the PACE website, is dated. But somehow, neither of the rapporteurs could make it. Nor was it known or announced ahead of time that they would not be able to make it.
According to Naira Zohrabyan MP, they were both in an urgent session in Copenhagen, and so the issue will be discussed at the Jan 25 meeting. According to Zarouhi Postanjyan, Prescott was in Copenhagen, and Colombier was involved in the French Parliament, and therefore unable to make it. And per Postanjyan, since it was not discussed at the Dec 17 meeting, it may very well not get included onto the Jan agenda.

Sure, maybe there were just urgent events that they both needed to go to. Whether they were in Copenhagen, Paris, or Timbuktu.
But maybe, if they had gone, the would have been put in a very difficult situation- after all, when publicly faced with evidence, it does get more and more difficult to talk your way around the truth, it does get harder to avoid making rational, logical, conclusions... and where would these final decisions leave the European governments represented in PACE? Where would Switzerland, and the rest of these guys, including the US, be, if PACE made steps toward publicly recognizing the absolute barbarity of March 1, highlighting those involved, and moving closer to stating that Sargsyan, with whom they work and collaborate, is an illegitimate ruler, not representing the people then, or now.
Where would that leave them? And how can they keep pressuring Sargsyan, if those steps are made?
Even PACE has become parter of the larger process, the process of trading Sargsyan's legitimacy for unnecessary concessions by Armenia, turning a blind eye to Human Rights and Democracy in Armenia.
I'm not surprised, but that doesn't mean I can't be disappointed.

But, come on, playing hooky from the meeting? Couldn't they come up with something at least a bit more dignified?

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