Monday, February 1, 2010

Banditocracy does not begin to describe...

On January 29, an article came out in the Russian paper Versia about the business investments and holdings of the oligarchs in Armenia, with a special focus on Kocharyan and Sargsyan, with a promise of more of the article to come. The article seems to have made quite a splash, as aside from being posted and reposted on Facebook, it was sent to me by numerous different and unrelated people - most recently someone posted it in the comments section of one of my related posts (Airports, Fruits, Banks and Mail 26/10/2009). Thinking that perhaps there are those who still haven't seen it, I thought I'd post it.
I don't know anything about the paper itself, nor about the author, Igor Petrov, and very little about Karahanyan, who is mentioned in the article. So, among other things, I don't know about the sources of the article.
I do know that much of this information was already known, and had been circulated by word of mouth and perhaps even in some written form or another, though I have not seen it anywhere in as much detail as it is here. Significant reference to some of the information was made in the past, including, at least in very general terms, during opposition speeches.
For those who do not read Russian, the translation from Google's Translator is here.
Below are some highlights...:
To specify all of the above, the head of the Armenian National Club Miabanutyun Moscow Smbat Karakhanian said: "I can confidently tell you what hold the first persons in Armenia:
Ex-President Robert Kocharian (including through nominees and family members):
- Artsakhbank
- MAP (50%)
- Armeksimbank (co-owner)
- Unibank (co-owner)
- ABB Bank (co-owner)
- Renko Construction
- Zangezur Copper and Molybdenum Combine (90%)
- Ardshininvestbank (over 50%)
- Converse-bank (according to different sources from 30 to 50%)
- Complex Kaputan Sevan - 100% (through Artak Voskanian)
- Medical Center Nairi (50% together with the Minister of Health Harutiun Kushkyanom)
- Brands (Emporio Armani, Stefano Ricci, etc.)
- Construction company "BiShin" (100%)
- Construction company "Downtown Yerevan" (through the eldest son Sedrak Kocharian)
- TV Company "H2" - 50% (co-owners Samvel Mairapetyan and current Vice-Prime Minister Armen Gevorgyan)
- Chain stores SAS (50% - owned by Robert Kocharyan through Deputy Prime Minister Armen Gevorgian)
- Network of shops "Star" (30% owned Sedrak Kocharian - eldest son Robert Kocharyan's)
- "Noah" konyachno-vinovodochny Mill - 50% (co-owner Gagik Tsarukyan)
- Airport Zvartnots - 50% (30-year lease, co-owner of a citizen of Argentina, Eduardo Eurnekian)
- "Armenian post" - 50% (in S. Kocharian's eldest son, the other co-owner of a citizen of Argentina, Eduardo Eurnekian)
- Import of mobile phones - 80% of the market
- Large shopping complex in Moscow (co-owner Samvel Karapetyan)
- Casino in Moscow (along with Shakro)
- Representation of Toyota Company in Armenia
- In addition Robert Kocharyan, as an independent director, member of the Board of Directors of Russia's AFK Sistema. This circumstance, experts say, requires his assets under the control of the corporation.
Assets, which he previously owned or had a substantial share:

- "K-Telecom" (trade mark "VivaCell")
- Agro-industries Ltd. (1870 ha)
- Golden Palace Hotel in Yerevan (the real owner of 83% was Sedrak Kocharian)
- AraratCement "- 33%
- "Converse" (through the eldest son Sedrak Kocharian). The bank got into the field of view of U.S. intelligence, when it became clear that through his accounts laundered money (about 800-900 million) a number of front companies and banks linked to international terrorism. The scandal led to the resignation of President Bank S. Nasibian and sale of assets of the family to another owner E. Eurnekian. However, there are sufficient grounds for believing that the transaction for the sale of shares S. Kocharian was false. In fact he remains a co-owner of Converse.
President Serzh Sargsyan (including through nominees, and his brother Alexander and her husband Mikael Minasyan):
- Assets of "Flash" (co-owner Barsegh Beglarian)
- The network of filling stations
- 3 wine factory in Nagorno-Karabakh (Messrs. Stepanakert, Martuni, Karmir Suka)
Distillery (g.Karmir Suka, 1 / 3 of all vodka sold in Armenia, 2.3 million liters)
- Bank "Ararat"
- Chain restaurant "Ararat" (about 30 pieces)
- Assets of the company "MICA" (co-owner Mikhail Bagdasarov):
- Armavia
- The company's Mika on imports of fossil fuels, gasoline, kerosene (monopoly), diesel fuel
- FC MIKA (estimated 40-50 million)
- Mika - Cement
- Construction company "MIKA House (more than 5 large elite houses in Yerevan)
- Hotel Complex in Moscow
- Private house in London
- VTB Bank (bought for 300 thousand dollars, sold for $ 28 million 100%)
- Network of stores "Dzhazve"
- Being as defense minister, was associated with an intermediary with the supply of small arms by private producers of Bulgaria in the Third World countries ",
- Through front men in-law M. Minasian is the owner of television "Armenakob" and "Ai TV".


Ani said...

Some folks are just brilliant and lucky in their business enterprises... ;)

nazarian said...

It's so outrageous that it's hard to believe. But I have a feeling that it's mostly correct. The behavior of Kocharian, et. al., certainly points to that direction.

Harut said...

As far as I know, it's not the complete list.