Friday, February 12, 2010

And he just keeps taking and taking...

This article came out the other day in Haykakan Zhamanak - as I didn't see this much detail anywhere else in English - I put it up myself...

4 Billion Dollars Plus 3.3 Million Drams

We learned yesterday that that a lien was placed on the property of “Haykakan Zhamanak” publisher Dareskizb, Ltd., on the basis of a demand by the family of Robert Kocharyan that they be paid the court ordered 3,300,000 drams.

We should remind the reader that as a result of the “Kocharyan vs. Haykakan Zhamanak” civil suit, the court had imposed a fine of that exact amount on our newspaper. And the occasion for the fine was the publication in our newspaper recounting the drunken debauchery of Kocharyan’s youngest son, Levon, in Dubai. The Kocharyans had gone to court and demanded 15 million drams from Haykakan Zhamanak for slander. At the end, the result of that disgraceful trial was that the court set a fine of 3, 300,000 drams on our newspaper.

Yesterday, we paid that amount at the court to lift the lien on our property. Thus, the Kocharyans were able to add another 3,300,000 drams to the four billion dollars they had looted from Armenia.

But we paid that amount with pleasure, because it is not for nil. After all, the day is not far when they will return to the people not only that three million drams, but also the other four billion dollars. No tyrant can digest what he has devoured.

[The picture is from HZH as well]

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