Saturday, February 6, 2010

US State Department, mold, and the Armenian Diaspora

Word is that the meeting the US state department and the limited diasporan groups were going to have on Feb 9 has been postponed.

Maybe its because the ARF put up a big stink, because their "colleagues" weren't going to be there. Maybe other organizations who weren't even listed put up a stink. Maybe its because the room where they were going to meet has a mold problem.

I would like to think it's not the mold. I would like to think it is because, for whatever reason, the State Department is actually starting to think about the situation at hand on a deeper level. Maybe they have realized that this is not a simple problem with a simple solution, and that every solution has consequences, and repercussions.

But, I hear that mold is very dangerous for your health, so if that's the reason for the postponement, then they did the right thing.

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nazarian said...

The picture looks like the current Armenian reality - moldy and toxic to your health.