Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sitting is threatening to the banditocracy

The march on the 19th had hundreds, and a sit-in. The red berets and police pushed the crowd, and it almost seems in the video that the people pushed back. Not violently, but firmly. A couple of times when one protester became more outspoken or obvious than the others, the police or red berets would try to grab them out of the crowd, and drag them off. According to a1plus, they did manage to grab Vahagn Gevorgyan, and drove off with him, letting him go 10 minutes later - a technique they've used before.

Here is the a1plus video (another from a1plus and a tert video):

In fact, according to lragir, six youth activits were taken to the police station: Tigran Arakelyan, Sargis Gevorgyan, Sergey Gasparyan, Varag Nahapetyan, Vahagn Gevorgyan and Areg Gevorgyan. One person, Sargis Ghazaryan, was taken to the hospital.

And in another lragir article, several of the mothers of those killed on March 1 were also at the March, and were pushed and punched.

The authorities are definitely scared - the numbers were bigger, the weather is warmer, and March 1 is coming up. Sit-ins, I think, are a great idea- I hope they continue.

We know they're willing to beat women and youth, and shoot into crowds at night, so I wont bother with that question. But how many times can Sargsyan use that solution? How far are police and red berets willing to go against individuals sitting, and in broad daylight?

On another note, did anyone see Bazaz in there? I thought I caught a glimpse, but I'm not sure - maybe he sat this one out?

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