Tuesday, February 8, 2011

If you start with none...

Not surprisingly, the regime, along with its accomplices and lackeys, is still trying to silence the voice of opposition. Three of the MPs named in an article by HZH are suing and seem to have won the first round [from epress] - at least in court:

"The three MPs demanded Haykakan Jamanak to retract the story, which they say discredits their honor, dignity and business reputation, as well as compensation in the amount of 2.5 million AMD each — for moral losses and incurred court expenses."

What moral losses? What honor and dignity? What business reputation? There was none of this to begin with. Let's do the basic algebra:

You start with no morality/honor/dignity/reputation = nothing = 0
And you end with no morality/honor/dignity/reputation = nothing = 0
So lets find out what the damage was = the difference/the event = X

O-X=O and then solve for X


therefore, the injury/damage done was NOTHING.

But what does the court say they will get in return? Something... that is, Money.
Again, no surprise.
Especially not from folks with names like Nemets Rubo, Lfik Samo and Alraghatsy Lyovik

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excellent calculation!