Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pashinyan in Court

This video was put up less than a week ago. I kept hoping it would get transcribed (and even translated), and I'd be able to post it with more info, but no luck.
Its absolutely incredible. Pashinyan uses simple language, simple allegory, satire and comedy, and simple logic, to show just how ludicrous the court system, and the entire regime, is.
I've posted it below, with some very rough transcription and translation of some segments... what I've put there are just a few of the jewels, there are a lot more, but no amount of translation does it justice.

Pashinyan starts out by giving an incredible example of the completely absurdity of the regime and justice system that stands in Armenia today, by giving an overly complicated and completely irrelevant example answer, that would be given by the regime, to the question, is this piece of paper black or white? Then he goes on…

I will do the same experiment with this piece of paper [as an analogy to his jail sentence and amnesty]

The Amnesty says, halve the portion of this paper that has nothing [written] on it
The court says, there is no portion of the paper without anything written on it, and for that reason we cannot halve it.

But in reality, this paper, in its entirety, has nothing on it. That is, the portion of the paper that has nothing on it, is the entire paper. And to halve the portion that has nothing on it is to fold it (folding it), we fold it in equal halves, and honorable court, halve it in equal portions (tearing it in half).

This primitive [concept], my numerous lawyers have been unable to make the ‘Justice System’ of Armenia comprehend this.

It’s not that they cannot make them understand. Our Armenia’s ‘Justice System’ does not understand, cannot understand and wants to act as though it is, excuse the expression, obtuse.

… there is no independent justice system in the Republic of Armenia. If there were, the Republic of Armenia would not be in the situation it is today…

… if there were a lawful government in the Republic of Armenia, honorable court, if there were a lawful government in the Republic of Armenia, if there were a lawful prosecutor’s office, if there were a lawful court [system], if laws functioned in the Republic of Armenia, this court hearing would not be happening; because I would not be at Artik penitentiary, and I wouldn’t have a problem transferring a piece of paper to my lawyer, and the Criminal and Justice Ministry of the Republic of Armenia would not be so depraved as to lie so obviously in front of the Armenian people…

.. my experience had shown me that the judges in this country have a hearing problem…

… the government of this country does not have enough morality to stand face to face and talk ... the government talks to me through its oligarchs, through its courts…

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