Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sudden incredible observations and realizations by the ARF published an article a few weeks ago that I still can’t get out of my head it’s so ridiculous. Apparently, the ARF, now, suddenly, out of the blue, feels they need to start and coordinate a movement to defend and promote electoral freedoms and rights in Armenia. They have apparently come to the realization that there are some serious problems in the electoral process in Armenia; they state that people in Armenia are apparently unsatisfied with the electoral process, and something must be done. People must be educated, society must open its eyes and demand a lawful and just electoral system, and the system itself must be enforced such that the outcome of an election is accepted by all.

Wow. You must be kidding, I thought, even the tenth and twentieth times I read the article, which cites Ardsvik Minasyan of the ARF.

So, what brought about this sudden dedication to democracy to the ARF, the party that was a member of the coalition, and is closely linked to Kocharyan… the party that has yet to strongly condemn the massive human rights violations of this regime, including the events of March 1, and the political prisoners who are still behind bars to this day… the party that has yet to truly speak out against the oppression of free media in Armenia… the party that seems to have no problems holding a rally just about wherever and whenever it wants to [I think I may have even seen Bazaz tying the shoelaces of one of the ARF supporters - no, that’s not true, but it sure feels that way when real opposition youth are beaten and arrested, but no limitations are placed on ARF public gatherings]…

Did these realities suddenly occur to them because a) the presidential elections are coming up, b) they are pissed off at Sergik, c) Sergik is pissed off at them, d) they are still Kocharyan’s lackeys e) they want to sett up a distance between themselves and Sergik, f) they want to seem like legitimate, democracy seeking opposition… the list goes on, and obviously, these are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they all play well into each other, don’t they?

What doesn’t work, dear, dear ARF, is this poorly veiled attempt to suddenly have a truly sincere, unbiased interest and motivation for a fair and just electoral system.

[My apologies - I don't remember which online source the spectacular photo is from, maybe RFE/RL, or a1plus or lragir? - if anyone remembers, please let me know]

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Captain Obvious strikes again.