Friday, February 18, 2011

Armenian police apparently have a different flag... not the Tricolor

Two youths who were harassed while handing out flyers were interviewed today, and they pointed out something very revealing (from approx 0:50-1:10), and exactly to the point, at least in my view. Those in power, are not struggling to protect Armenia or Armenians. They are in the midst of business dealings, plain and simple.
A rough translated transcript is as follows:

First Youth:
“The police said something… its shameful, too... The police came up to the car and said 'put your flag away,… don’t put it here… put away your flag”
And we said “but which is your flag, then?”

Second Youth:
“It was an [Armenian] tricolor [flag] on the car.”

HAK youth across the city were being harrassed and attacked, and two were arrested and taken in to the police station. They were released a few hours later, but it is still unclear why they were taken in in the first place.

The rally is in just a little bit on the 18th. Let's see if the police behave themselves.

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